Elegance is the only beauty that never fades away.

Hey Fashionistas

I have never been more excited in writing this blog because this is loyalty & elegance served on the platter, and who doesn’t love that combo? In my previous blog “Star In The Dark”, I have mentioned as how the colour BLACK can be considered as the two extremities in fashion, firstly as being all mysterious, bold and full of robustness and the second being the colour of royalty, luxury and gracefulness. The attire that pops up in my mind that amplifies the femininity and desirability of a woman with sheer grace is a long flowing evening gown with specific characteristics that distinguishes it from everyday dresses. Gowns reflect modesty, and modesty is not about hiding yourself or saying it bluntly, covering your body, but I look at it more as revealing your dignity and stepping up a notch in zone of feminism. Evening gowns have always stayed in fashion, be it the 15th century when the tradition of wearing evening gowns/dresses in ballroom and royal courts became a must or be it in this century where gowns have taken a toll in the glitzy glamorous world where designers put in their best to get that queen imagine on the red carpet events, brand promotions, fund raisers, award ceremonies and it’s been quite a while that evening gowns have gained prominence in beauty pageants, be it national or international. Judges in the beauty pageants score the contestants in the evening gown segment and the crowning ceremony is conducted in the same attire. Talking about gowns and styling them what comes next on the list are the accessories. To make the whole look worth a million dollar it definitely demands for exquisite fashion statement, high end jewellery that perfectly complements the gown and the face structure.

My look that I have showcased here is a black gown with an off shoulder pattern , bodices are tightly fitted, arms are bared, and the skirt is designed with a thigh length slit on the left giving it that oomph factor and it is studded with big, bold crystals. To complete my look I have wore HD Golden tassel earrings from Mystique Bling with blue leaf crystals and golden hanging chains to elevate the black evening dress with a tint of little colour. Golden cuff is from my own wardrobe to fill that lonely arm length with charm.

So, guys that’s how I have presented the elegant earrings from Mystique Bling celebrating the royal fiesta in the royal look. How are you planning to add it with your attire? Do share, your snaps, ideas would absolutely love to see you all styling accessories from Mystique Bling the way you like.



What am I wearing

Gown from lajpat nagar

earrings from Mystique Bling

Footwear from Carlton London

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