Women who lead colourful lives, wears black.

When it came down to writing something for my first blog, all that crossed my mind was the color that works in every season, the colour none other than BLACK. It gives a lot of freedom to play with So I decided to showcase the rustic end of this color which also defines me, BOLD, CONFIDENT and INDEPENDENT . I have always thought of black as an extremity in the fashion line, it can be either taken up as a colour of royalty and elegance or as a mysterious, bold and robust fashion. Black, often misinterpreted as “The Dark & The Dreary”, has actually a bulk of positivity when it is combined with the clothing line. It gives out nothing but an exceptionally sparkling diamond of a personality in everyone who wears it. Talking about the positives that this colour can unfurl, well there is absolutely no worrying about a matching.  Put it with any shade whatsoever or rather just doll up in black from head to toe, it is any day a thumbs up. Black can flatter any skin tone, is never ever out of fashion, masks whether the cloths are expensive or cheap and the biggest plus that I personally adore about this colour is, it always makes your figure look more flattering.

Having talked a lot about BLACK, it’s time to write down what I am wearing. I have combined a charcoal black mini skater dungaree with a black bandeau top. This dungaree is from my shopping spree in Bangkok, fits well at the waist. To complete the look ,I have slipped in my high heel leather ankle length boots, they add an edge to the overall look. Though being high heeled, they are super comfortable and I  love to flaunt them. So now whenever you ladies are in a bit of a confusion, dress up in black !!

 Cheers guys!!

Stay stylish & Stunning


What am I Wearing

Dress: Dungree dress

Footwear: Metro. ankle length boots

Glares: flea market


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