Spring To Summer Bird!

The amalgamation of freshness from the spring with the warmth from the onset of summers will bring the best out of you.

With the daily errands of life, I was just pondering on a few things. Few say, just go with the flow, few say, be a rebel, fight hard and take what you deserve & me.. Well, I am merely here to stay strong and remain indifferent to what they say because I believe in me.

With the onset of  warm summers, a thought of solace came along,

A lil sunshine, a lil ray of hope to fulfill my dreams.

Long hours sustaining hope for long!

In my own world, there’s a free bird


But those eyes watch it like a hawk,

Oblivious, uncaring of its flight

They know what it is capable of, to reach the sky high

When it does, they call it the twinkling star

When it lands to prepare for the next, they call it the mountain

When it glides close to the earth, they call it the river.

Yes, they say it destroys what comes in the path

Yes, the say nothing remains


I say it is the measure of your strong will

Faith, hope, commitment, desire

To fight, survive and stand strong

Stay and create what you love


They often say that the bird is me and all I say is


“I am a poetry you will love
A river of emotions and dreams,
Delicate yet unstoppable!
Ride along or you may miss a journey of a life time.”

Hope you guys loved and enjoyed my whole look. I will post new styles and if you want to see any other look, do post a comment and I would look to take that up and work on it. Do follow me on Instagram(@sakshiguptaofficial) for a closer day to day fashion updates. Till then…

Stay hopeful & strong


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