Styling is one of the wonders in the world.

Hey My Lovelies

I have always dreamt of seeing all the seven wonder of the world that I have read about in my childhood, saw pictures of it in magazines or saw documentary of the same on discovery channel; wouldn’t visiting all those places be such a fun & exciting experience? But time and money are a big constraint for most of us. Sometimes I wish the wonders to be all at one single place but I know for a fact that it is just impossible. Having said that, have you guys ever given a thought to what if a single dress in your wardrobe can be styled in different wonderful ways, each making if look new and give a different feel every time you club it with some attire. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? Keeping this in mind, I picked my Global Desi Maxi Dress and created seven different looks with it. There is a lot going on in this blog and it is more about the looks so I am going to let the pictures do all the talking.

  1. The classic maxi dress

Well I got the dress because I loved the way it looked, popping with pretty hot pinks, blues and orange. So here is the basic maxi look that Global Desi created. I just added my beige flowery round hat and a block golden belt.

  1. The geeky maxi dress look

Want to wear a sensational maxi dress in your college but not sure if it’s too much, well here is what you can do. Just wear a loose single coloured contrasting T-shirt over your maxi dress, fix it with a belt to bring the whole look together.  All you have to do now is, put on your reading glasses, take your bag pack, make a bun, wear your fav pair of oxfords and you are ready to go. Not Too much and at the same time not too less.

  1. The bohemian maxi look

Going on a holiday to a beach or may be attending a concert or a fest, just put on your chrochet shrug over the maxi dress. I added a head gear to give it an extra oomph factor by Be Loved by Diksha. You can replace head gear with a bandana if you may like.

  1. The casual maxi look

Those who know me, they are very well aware of the fact that I love my denim jackets a lot. It is that one thing that can accentuate the whole look and feel of the attire. So if you are going out wearing your maxi dress with friends who have already seen it, just add a denim jacket, wear some accessories and Vola!You are set with a new look.

  1. The elegant maxi on maxi look

I tried my best to get my grey maxi dress some colour and here is what I did. By simply putting wearing my Global Desi maxi on my grey maxi it is now all brighten up, giving it a more elegant and subtle look.

  1. The dominating maxi look

Conquer the world wearing black and using maxi dress as a cape. Carry it in with the confidence like a lioness because this looks is very simple but has the greatest positional to make you the queen. I am wearing round bohemia neckpiece by Mystique Bling giving my look a new personality.

  1. The ethnic saree-maxi look

Last but not the least; I have teamed my maxi dress with a saree. It is surprising to know that this style was used way back in the ancient times by the princesses, so why not dress up like one. It gives the ethnicity a kiss of western style. To keep the traditional touch, I am wearing a Crystal Ethnic Bohemia Neckpiece from Mystique Bling

Hope you pretty ladies out there enjoyed my seven looks. Do leave a comment below, I would love to hear what you want to say about this is blog. I am always there to help you guys out.


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