Let the colours glow your face and not just clothes

Hey, make-up Lovers

Here are a few simple steps on how to create this fresh spring look. I am also writing options available for various steps so that you can pick your favorite.

TIP: I prefer doing my eyes first saving my foundation and all the mess for later, giving my base a clean look.


Clean your skin using a damp cotton pad/ball or a wet wipe to get rid of all the dirt from the surface of the skin. Cleaner the skin, better the canvas to work on and making it capable to hold on your desired look for a longer time.

OPTION A: Use a Pimer

A primer is a skin smoother, it could be a translucent cream or a lotion that provides a base before you start applying any make-up  product. It makes the skin more workable by filling in all the pores & remove the rough area on the face.

Just apply the primer as you would apply moisturizer: using the finger tips covering the entire face and neck.

What I use: L’Oreal Base Magique

OPTION B: Use a Moisturizer

If you have a dry skin, just like mine and wouldn’t like being a greasy monster, apply any moisturizer that suits your skin as it does work equivalent to what a primer does. It also keeps the skin hyderated making a barrier for makeup products to seep into the skin and causing any harm to it.

What I use: Ponds Cream


To create this spring look I have used the following products

  1. Eye brow kit from Deborah Milano
  2. NYX Naked butt palette for colours like pinks, light browns, blacks & whites as highlighter.
  3. Blue eye shadows from
  4. Black liquid Eye liner and black kajal from
  5. White kajal from Lakme Eyeconic.
  6. Mascara from L’Oreal Paris volume million lashes.

I started applying a base colour and for that I chose a base color of light brown shade. I applied that evenly on my entire eye lid, also covering my lower crease area as it helps in merging the other shades giving a nice transition overall.

I applied the pink eye shadow on the middle of my eye lid and started blending it towards the outer corner of my eyes. Using a black eye shadow, I created a V shape at the corner of my eye lid and started blending it inwards to the pink, being careful not to over do, as black is the darkest colour and needs a lot of attention when working it with other lighter shades. Keeping the black colour nice and low on the crease is the whole idea as using such a dark colour does get a little intimidating initially. After giving it the desired somkyness, I picked up a light blue eye shadow from Revlon on a clean eye shadow brush and started with the inner corner slowly blending it towards the pink eye shadow.

Note that blending of the colour is the key here. Once I am done with that I put some base colour on the brush and even out any gaps left with a single stroke. I also put the same colour on my brow bone evening out any harsh line created by any of the eye shadow colours. Then I picked up a light vanilla shade and highlighted underneath my eyebrows giving it a little lift.

Then I started defining my eyes with a liquid eye liner from chambor starting from the middle to the outer edge and going to for a cat eye shape. To make my eye look bigger, I applied white Kajal on my lower waterline. To give my lashes volume and to make look super black I applied mascara from L’Oreal Paris on my upper & lower lashes.

For my eyebrows, I start filling it with the Deaborah Milano eyebrow kit with a lighter shaded at the starting of my brows and darker shade from the middle to the end of the brows.

  1. BASE

I started applying concealer  from L’Oreal underneath my eyes, covering the under eye dark circles and other spots on my face. Once I am done concealing, I started by applying a foundation on my face using a sponge that I got from Forever 21. I love the way it works on the face, giving an even finish. I set my base using a setting powder from Chambor. Once done, I started contouring my face using a bronzer from the NYX Naked Butt palette and a light pink blush from from the same kit.

Last but not the least, I kissed my Pink Flamingo matte lipstick from chambor to give it sassy look and complete the whole spring look bringing in a lot of pinks and a hint of cool blue.

What I use: L’Oreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation & L’Oreal Paris true Match Super Blendable Concealer

Hope you guys loved and enjoyed my whole look. I will post new styles and if you want to see any other look, do post a comment and I would look to take that up and work on it. Do follow me on Instagram(@sakshiguptaofficial) for a closer day to day fashion updates. Till then…

Stay Fresh & colourful


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