Love is not just for one day, it is forever.

Hey Lovelies

Too late for Valentine? Not yet!! Favorite month for all lovers is knocking on the door and the night is about to take the spin creating nothing but love, friends! Let’s create some ripples in the heart and win the world with togetherness. No matter whether you decide to spend the special night with your best gal pals talking about your crush or spending the day with your significant half embracing and cherishing each other’s presence in life over a candlelit dinner; it is the dressing that can make all the difference.

There is a stereotype when we talk about the special day of love and that is, RED. It is all about the colour Red’s and pink’s around with aromatic flowers. I, of all, don’t believe in breaking this particular stereotype because red is one of my fav colour and some things are better if left untwisted. I can wear red all seven days a week. And just so, my idea of Valentine’s Day look is a little red dress. A tube dress perfectly highlighting my collar bone and that sleek golden neck piece with square crystals. The fluffiness of the dress gives it a doll like appearance and who wouldn’t love to look like a doll herself? I kept my hair dead straight because it made the dress, the centre of attraction. Apart from my bae, I got a lot of compliment on my dress from the people around. Apart from the dress, there was a lot more to it.

I went on a day date to one of the most beautiful and romantic restaurants in Delhi, Lodhi, The Garden Restaurant. The place was not swarming with a lot of crowd at that time of the day, giving us our own space with least distraction, and we were in a perfect luscious outdoor cabana, to get the most out of an outdoor place. The place is green, pebbly with bamboo railings. Just a perfect place to head for a brunch date. At the entrance of the restaurant, we were greeted and escorted inside. Just as we were seated, this beautiful, little kitty came directly to us. I have always been with dogs, so I know my way around them when they love you but a little do I know about cats. Meeting Miss kitty and getting loved by her was my first ever intimate interaction with a cat. It was amazing. I guess having a pet, be it a dog, cat or a rabbit; they all share a common feeling of loving and being loved. A lot of our time was spent with the cat and talking to each other. In those moments, I saw a glimpse of my near future. Soon, came the time to order and this place is well known for Mediterranean cuisine. Unanimously, we ordered ‘Non-Vegetarian Mezze’ which says ‘Chicken shish & lamb Kebabs with hummus, tzatziki, babaganoush, tabouleh, pita & homemade pickles’ with a customization of replacing lambs with chicken shish. Food on a date is the best and most crucial part and the restaurant delivered finger licking good food. It was delish.

With this, we went ahead with our romantic day and here is what I have to show you all. Hope you all enjoy…



What am I wearing

Red dress from Bangkok

Heels from Woodland

Jewellery from Shipra, footsteps

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