The most happening colours of all season is the combination of all colours

I am a nature lover. I love the different shades nature has to offer us & I have always loved my cloths to have all those shades. The best moment in the 12 month time frame is when it rains. I clearly remember the chapter in 8th grade about how water droplets in the atmosphere acts as a prism and reflect light forming a rainbow in the sky. As a kid, all I ever waited after the rain was for a rainbow. To watch those seven colours was absolutely mesmersining. I guess, it was the colours from the rainbw in my childhood that left this impression that the combination of colours is an all time hit in any kind of clothing.

Since, I am attracted to the rainbow so much, I got a kaftaan with such vibarant combination of colours. I tired wearing it but somehow, I didn’t like the look of it on me as I have a petite structure. For a while that kaaftan was just sitting in my closet and then it struck me, how about turning the kaaftan into a kurti. So, all I did was, sketched an outlined from the inner side of the kaaftaan and got it stitched. It took me only few minutes to get the kaaftaan turned into a kurti that hugged my body and make it look even more ravishing.



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