Be serious or be charming, just don’t stop being stylish!

Life is funny! When you think it is the time to be serious, get to the point and plan everything out for future, right at that moment, life brings a smile on your face, as if it’s saying, “Not today, may be another day, right now just live the moment”. It happens to me always and just so, I grab the opportunity to live the moment. My way of finding happiness lies within fashion, so when life give me lemons, I don’t waste my time in making lemonade rather I open my closet, pick up something refreshing and head out to have fun.

It is said often, “shopping can help lift your mood” but to me dressing up does equally good. So I opened my closet, paired leather jeans with a nice summary orange top, slipped into my pumps & I was all set. Just when I was about to leave, I realized my whole look was incomplete. It needed more colour because more colour means more happiness to me. To get in the complete contrast of colours, I made my way to Pink Bird Official statement neckpiece. You can’t stop yourself from having it in your collection. Just by looking at the detailed crystal work, my mood was uplifted. My spirits were high and I knew I am going to have a great day. I am sure, you lovely ladies out there must have something that can help make you smile too.

Hope you guys will enjoy my look, I have jotted all the possible the details right below if that can help you in anyway. Love you all, thanks for connecting to my style and me. Cheers!! XoXo!


Stay charming & stylish


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