Make Winter fashionable with peach love

Winter is here and I am not a lover of cold breezy day. I have so many reasons of not liking winters starting from my nails turning blue to cover myself with four to five layers. So putting it straight in words, for me winters means zero fashion. Moreover, I don’t like the way jackets are these days, less warm and more fashionable making me fall sick all the time. I want winter to have awesome fashion & helps keep one warm.

As the summer starts to say good bye, a pleasant for many and slightly cold for me, days starts to set in. Those are the days, when I want something full to keep my hands warm and at the same time, something fashionable to make me more confident. Having said that, I am so happy to be writing about the brand I came across by the name of Indian Gully. Not only they have amazing variety of trending clothing for women but also, amazing quality too. So, if you are looking for a brands that delivers the quality then you are at the right place.

My look is a very subtle street look that can carry anywhere. I have paired this beautiful Peach top with ruffle sleeves from Indian Gully with my high waist jeans and peach heels from Metro. The blue from the jeans highlights the colour peach of the top. The top is breath taking, it will make you believe in the quote “beauty in simplicity”. I hope My look will inspire you to be simple yet stylish. So, why wait, go grab your peach top and get styling.

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