After reading an inspirational article written by Sonam Kapoor, I can’t stop thinking about the times when I let myself down thinking I am not pretty enough, I am not fit enough and I am not perfect enough to be a part of fashion industry. Few said that 5 feet 7 Inches is not good enough, others demanded offending things in return, rest others said you don’t have the face and a few said you don’t have the attitude because of sincerety in work and didn’t enjoy the hookup talks backstage.

All this lead me into a dark space where I decided to give up my dream. My dream to be sincere in fashion industry & go places because of my hard work and dedication was all in the bin. I became a a fur-ball in depression and started eating wrong. I became under confident in life, I just became a doomed person shattered & crying somewhere in the corner because I couldn’t do what I felt I was supposed to do in life.

One morning I got up, questioned myself, “what the hell am I doing to myself being 22?”, “Why am I behaving like a 70 year old, who is done with her life?” and one very important question, “what is wrong in my thinking?” I then realised, I have been letting people in my mind and their bullshit talks get to me, I gave them the permission to break my confidence, I got disheartened because of few failures in my life, I agreed to those who said I  had no body, no face to do what it takes to be in this industry. I gave up on my dreams!! I gave up on ME!!

It had to stop and it did. I pulled myself together, created a healthy mind first and then started with a healthy routine. I started eating right, I started working out right, I started sleeping right & more than anything, I started to make a barrier in my mind keeping those negative thoughts & talk away from me. My workouts gave me a good body I couldn’t have made because of those who said “You don’t have a good body”, my sleep gave me peace of mind that I needed to bring back my confidence, my food gave me the courage to be better than what I was a day before, my loose cloths gave me the results that I’ve been working for, and the mirror gave me the satisfaction of being who I am, how I looked and how far I have come.

It’s been said that hard work never goes unrewarded and what I achieved was extra ordinary thereafter. Here are my achievements that sometimes feel unreal.

    Femina Cover Girl November 2014 Edition

    Avon Simply Pretty Face 2014

    Pantene Proof walk with Parineeti Chopra

    Femina Style Diva 2015-Sheen Elegant Diva(Best Ramp Walk)

    Indian Princess Finalist 2015

Miss Earth India 2016 Finalist

Acted in Fukrey returns

    Acted In a daily soap on Star Plus “Dehleez”

    Print Shoots for HTC Mobiles, Axis Banketc

    Worked for Pernia Pop Up

    Catalog for Suits,Sarees, western wear etc.

    Run my own fashion blog “”

Now, nobody say, I don’t have what it takes to be there and the whole sole reason is confidence! I know I am meant to do this and I know I will, I know there would be millions out there pulling me back and I know I will show them all what I am made up of. This is me, even with all the imperfections and flaws, I love who I am and I love my struggle because all it did was, gave me more confidence to reach my goal.

Hope for something, Have faith that it will become a reality, work for it and success will surely come!


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