Contorl your own destiny, command your own style.

What can be better, if you can control what’s happening in your life? well, I am a woman who wants to control everything that’s happening in my life. I bet, a lot of you out there would like to do so. There is nothing wrong in doing that, it just shows how strong willed & independent you want to be. When I sit and think what exactly enhances this character, I come down to “ATTITUDE”. Yes! It makes all the difference in the world.  Sometimes to get that attitude, a very stylish & sophisticated outfit turns the world around. Taking about bossiness and attitude, all that I can think of is the movie ‘The Devil wears Prada’. In the movie, the way this character, Miranda Priestly, displayed this sophisticated yet a very commanding & impactful figure, your eyes cannot sway away from her cloths. If it hadn’t been for her cloths, she would have looked just an ordinary woman.

Just talking about so, I came across this lovely coordinate set from Missa More Clothing. Solid navy blue colour with a nice slit on the front of the skirt, giving way to show off the leg elegantly, not too much that it looks awkward & not to less that it doesn’t accentuate the leg at all.  I found this coordinate set posses the quality of a boss and so here I am depecting what this dress can do to your looks.

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