Nothing ever fades, Fashion always comes back.

While growing up with my brother who is almost five and a half years elder to me, I have often heard a significant number of people asking him, “‘So, you liked your school days better or college days?”. I always failed to understand that question back then until I was in college and I was asked the same question. Now, I realised what it actually meant. The question was not just about the level of homeworks or summer vacations one gets in the school but also about the carefree, playful, flirty, chirpy behavior the childhood brings in.

This look is dedicated to that side which has been left unnoticed. Today, the life has become so mechanical that all that is left is “Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat”. All everyone can see is the corporate robots we have transformed into with our busy lives focused on materialistic things, that we need to recall what it is to be a kid again and I am here for the rescue!

As a kid, my mom always used to make me wear frocks, super easy to put on, comfortable to play around in, twirling around with the friends to see who has got the best flare. I can’t stop recalling every inch of fun that frocks can deliver. In this look, I am wearing a frock dress by Lillie By Ruthie in the colour blue. The moment I saw this dress, I knew I am gona head back to my old playful days with the top notch comfort level and the ease to jump around like monkeys wearing my sneakers on. Girls, it is time to step out of the cage of corporate worlds and enjoy your life again.

I had fun shooting this look as much as to remembering my childhood days. Hope you guys will enjoy my look, I have jotted all the possible the details right below. Love you all, thanks for connecting to my style and me. Cheers!! XoXo! (Instagram Profile: Sakshiguptaofficial)

Picture Credits:Abhishek Dhiman & Kunal Khurana

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