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I am very excited about this particular blog and it is right here. You will soon figure out why is it so. So every woman on this planet loves one thing, SHOPPING. Be it street shopping to fit the bill and style or be it shopping in a mall for some high end branded store to add a gold medal in your wardrobe forever or be it online shopping. I would like to take the liberty to generalize this from all the woman species, when it comes to online shopping; we have a few things that make a complete check list which is listed right below.

  • Style that we are looking for or new style that surprises me.
  • Quality of the material that it is cut from.
  • Discount or any ongoing offers.
  • Cash on Delivery, personally I am very comfortable making an online payment when I see a legit company or website, so COD is not really on my personal list but it is undeniably on the list of many.
  • Delivery time; a crucial factor I must say.
  • Exchange/return Policy offered.
  • Price, a very important attribute on the list, solely because we are still a little reluctant about the quality being delivered or for me it’s the anomaly in size chart and the actual size of the product.

Just when I was scrolling down my Instagram  feeds after making a blog post, I saw one of the posts which had Missa More clothing, a Mumbai based clothing line. The vibrancy in the colour and the flair in their long tops made me instantaneously surf their website for more. As I was clicking one top to other, I was falling in love with it more and more. What’s good about this site is that they have a style that they hold onto and then they are exploring the nearby zone. The long slit tops, dresses ranging from short to the long maxi’s or be it the capes.. well you name it, they have it and I bet you can’t leave the site without placing an order for sure. After an hour filled of excitement and crushing on their products of, it came down to the real deal, that is, my checklist.  I Loved the style, quality looked great as it gave a zoom in option in the catalogue and also the description, the size chart is accurate, there was no discount going when I shopped, COD option available, the time of delivery spot on, received my shipment in 2-3 days, they have an exchange policy which is decent and fair. Talking about the price, guys you won’t get the kind of style, colour and quality anywhere else for sure.

This top is very princess-sy, elegant but I wanted to showcase how this can be turned into a sporty attire. I had my own vision when I made my purchase for this particular top. I wanted to style it like the way I am, dominating it. So I paired this light green flowery front slit, long top with a low crotch navy blue harem pants from Jabong along with my chocolate brown oxford shoes that I am completely obsessed with. I could have gone with pink bottoms but then would have lost the whole essence of what I wanted to create. Therefore, I went with navy blue to highlight the green on the top. I clubbed in all the junk pieces like oxidized bangles and rings from my collection. I wore a spine earcuff from Mystique Bling. The top was a V-neck top and to fill in that I twisted my silk blue scarf from Kashmir around my neck in a unique fashion. As a result, you can see a strong character coming out just from what I wore.

I hope the picture will inspire you and you will appreciate it.  It is all about the confidence when you want to shine.



Picture Courtesy : Karan Chanana Photography

What am I wearing

Top from Missamore

Pants from jabong

Scarf from Kashmir

Glares from lenskart

Footwear from Lajpatnagar

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