Peace and love by the colours.

Hey lovelies

Pantone Colour Institute is out with the colour of the year 2016: Rose Quartz and Serenity. These two shades have a story behind them. Aren’t you consumed by the daily hassles of life, purely mechanical life of getting up and rushing to the office before the road fills in with noisy vehicles and in turn sweeping the stress inside of you being late again? Everyone wants to run with the time like the rest of the world. Switch the news channel on and all that is being broadcasted is about war, murders and conflicts between nations or terrorism. Isn’t our life already burdened with our own responsibilities, all we hear from everyone is about the destruction happening around us? Right here, Pantone comes with two shades of calm and coolness in them. That was the basic agenda to put colours forwards for healthy and peaceful minds.

Rose Quarts is a little towards the warmer pinkish shade giving that heat to the over palette whereas Serenity is a shade towards the cool sky blue zone. A perfect balance when both are together, a marriage made in heaven. Both the tones are such that they would look beautiful on all skin tones and on any gender. Are you the hunk? Dust yourself and go grab Rose Quarts or Serenity and I know from the bottom of my heart, how ravishing it will look. Girls… Want to look elegant and classy? Need a shade not too much and at the same time not too less? Well pick up my fav, Rose Quarts and flaunt it the way you love.

I am taken away by the gorgeousness of the two colours, both individually and also when coupled together. My look has a major colour palette of Rose Quartz with cooler Serenity colour embedded in the black skirt with the shades of dark blue, beige and Rose Quarts itself. Just when I thought that winter is waving off a good bye, comes the cool wind and brought back the chill. I am a freak of wearing all my sleeveless tops in winters on the best complementing turtle neck, I had this top in my collection, a lovely sleeveless top in Rose Quarts which I decided to wear on my black turtle neck with my winter warm skirt. My take on stockings ain’t that good so I decided to make my Puma skinny tracks as jeggings instead. Winter and boots, we all know how warm and stylish it makes you look, so I put on my chocolate brown high knee boots. Well, a little secret to all my lovely readers, I feel insecure without a jacket or a pullover no matter how many layers I have covered myself with, so to eliminate that insecurity I took out my white woolen stole. As you can see, it is not just any woolen stole, it has a sequence of hollow circles and it is unbelievably warm.

Hope you all love my take on the Colour of the year by Pantone. Stay tuned for more spring style fashion with me, till then you can play with the Pantone shades!!



What am I wearing

High neck from lajpatnagar

Skirt from insence

Bag from Guess

stole from Madame

Earring from Mystique Bling

Tights from Puma

Boots from Lajpatnagar, kins

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